EPA Certificate Training

EPA Testing will be available Monday thru Friday between the hours of 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM by appointment only at our Jeffersontown  and downtown Louisville location.

The Lexington and Cincinnati Stores will schedule tests per customer request during normal working hours Monday thru Friday.

SWH Supply Company offers Section 608 EPA Certification for Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, and Section 609 EPA Certification for Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning.

608 EPA Certification Preparatory Manuals are $15.95, available in English & Spanish and may be purchased at any of our locations or mailed to you.

The manuals contain all the information Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service personnel need to successfully become certified as a Type I, II, III or Universal Technician under the Federal Clean Air Act Section 608.

EPA Testing is $65.00 (Payment in advance is recommended to reserve you seat). The only materials allowed are a T/P Chart, pencil, scratch paper and a calculator.

609 EPA Certification packet is a self study, self test packet that cost $20.00

EPA Certification test results can be checked online

Questions regarding EPA Certificate Training?
Call: 502 261-9287 or Email: Information

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